Acoustic basses


Acoustic basses are not widely used because of the particular difficulties encountered by manufacturers in developing efficient and balanced models. Our goal was to design and implement an instrument free from the defects most commonly found on acoustic basses: inconsistent dynamics in various positions on the freeboard, a lack of homogeneous power on the different strings, weak and imprecise bass notes.

A careful analysis of these defects, in relation to the solutions adopted on the various instruments, led us to think that the main problem on acoustic basses was largely related to the dimensions of the sound box, which are too small in relation to the vibrating length of the strings: although generally a bass guitar is strung an octave below the guitar, the size of the cavity does not reflect an adequate expansion of the contentair volume. To facilitate the dynamics in the low register of the instrument, in fact, an adequate volume of air is needed to allow harmonic resonance, and give shape and substance to the sound, helped by a very rigid structure and a properly braced soundboard. The inclusion of these elements in our project allowed us to achieve very satisfactory results: our acoustic basses have a full and warm sound, with enough power excellent sound projection, the fretboard is sensitive and expressive in every position allowing the musician to give their best throughout the tonal range.



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Liuteria d'insieme acoustic bass

On our acoustic basses we prefer to use cedar soundboards, which highlight and color the voice of the instrument guaranteeing warm and extremely soft tones. The low action of the strings provides a great executive easiness: the instrument responds very dynamically to the player's touch all along the fretboard, response is always precise and immediate: flawless, soft and sweet to light touch but also strong soundedand full voiced in the slap. The instrument can be equipped with an integrated amplification system on demand.

String length: 864 mm


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