Early instruments
Early music instruments


The instruments we build for early music are inspired by historical models conserved in museums around the world, thorough documentation work allows us to build instruments to the specific needs of each musician without losing sight of the objective of philological faithfulness.

Materials, construction techniques and the varnish accurately reflect historical building processes: each phase of construction is fully artisanal, from the preparation of the wood to varnishing. Every detail is done following the requests and needs of the customer: carvings, inlays and decorations are treated with the utmost care.

The great attention to thefinal set-up of the instrument and the assessment of the weights in the construction phase results in an instrument that is comfortable and easy to play, allowing the musician form an immediate instinctual bond with it.

The veneer and polish provides the final touch to our early music instruments, giving lutes and guitars a natural brilliance and exalting the beauty of the woodsused.