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Chitarra acustica


Developed through a long process of analysis and refinement of building models, our acoustic guitars are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the most demanding musicians. The highest quality materials, elegant design and attention to details and finish make each of our guitars a unique piece and guarantee the highest performance quality.

Every detail can be arranged on request: woods, sizes, finishes; inlays in wood, mother of pearl or other materials can be designed and implemented to customize the guitar to suit your taste. Our models are also available with cutaway sides and can be equipped with arm bevels and soundports. On request, all of our acoustic guitars can be fitted with anamplification system on your specific requirements.




OM and OM cutaway

The OM guitar is the largest model in our line of guitars. Characterized by generous curves and a deep soundbox, this model has highly significant presence in the low register and sound power; trebles are ready and vibrant and the neck, comfortable and smooth, ensures great comfort and speed of execution.


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A classic design inspired by the first Martin Ds of the early twentieth century, this guitar is an evergreen in the landscape of the acoustic guitar, almost a century after its introduction still many guitarists rely on this model successfully. With its comfortable design, good volume and rich tone, we redesigned this guitar with the tradition in mind but with some modern flavour and personal touch.


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With its reduced dimensions and powerful sound this guitar is the most maneuverable of the line, the tone is warm and sweet, strong and vibrant on trebles shows great fullness in the lower register. The neck thickness ensures a comfortable fit even after extended use. Is possible to build the instrument in both versions, with the twelfth fret joint or with the modern fourteenth fret joint.


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