Classical guitars
Classical guitars


Our project for the construction of classical guitars started with the careful study of the great models of the most famous masters of the past, in particular Romanillos, Hernandez y Aguado and Fleta. We continued evolution of our projects and our production methods so as not to distort the fundamental characteristics of the reference models, but pursue a continuous quality improvement of tonal and acoustic qualities.




Classical guitar

Our classical guitars are characterized by a great bass response, which are full and powerful, and readiness in the trebles. We pay particular attention to tone without losing sight of power, to be able to find the balance point that allows guitarists to fully express their potential. Woods, materials and details agreed upon specific request lead to the construction of a unique instrument that can meet all of your needs.


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Cutaway Nylon Srings Guitar

This project born with the purpose of creating an instrument with all the defining features of a nylon strings classical guitar adapted to a more wide range of uses. The instrument come with a variety of features to accomodate the needs of the musicians like a soundport for better listening by the musician, an arm bevel to gain confort and a cutaway to reach the last frets.
Those solutions come together with an intriguing and modern design thanks to the asymmetries and the contasts.
It can be amplified by request.


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