Lutherie classes

We offer everyone the opportunity to attend lutherie classes or personal lessons in our workshop, over the course of the lessons an instrument chosen by the participant will be built which will remain their property.

The number of hours needed, and therefore the cost of the course, depends on the instrument you choose and the time needed for construction, which will take place under our supervision and using the equipment in our workshop.

In the course we will address historical and theoretical arguments connected to the instrument under construction and you will learn techniques for the realization of the entire instrument, for choosing woods and for painting and finishing.

For more information and details please contact us.


Lutes rental

Designed for those entering the lute world for the first time, renting allows you to get to know the instrument without having to purchase one.

The rental instruments are six or seven courses lutes, well-strung and in ready-to-use condition. The rental cost is € 60.00 per month VAT included with a minimum rental period of three months, facilitations on the purchase of a new instrument at the end of the rental are available.

We invite you to contact us to check the availability rental lutes or for more information and clarification.




Inspired by a conservational approach, our work is distinguished by the high professionalism of the techniques used and the detailed clarity with which they are documented. Instruments that come to our laboratory to be restored are subject, before any intervention, to an early stage of photographic documentation and careful research work, in order to identify the correct methods of intervention and techniques to be used. During restoration, our goal is to preserve original parts of the instrument without losing any of the information they communicate to us about its author, its style and its construction techniques.

The possibility of re-use of the instrument, especially in the case of instruments of a certain historical importance, is carefully considered and, where possible pursued, where we try not to distort the historical material with too invasive interventions. Each phase of the restoration is well documented and an accurate final report is provided, accompanied by photographic material, which gives a complete and clear idea of the intervention performed, the techniques used and objectives.

Some examples of these reports are available to download in this section.



Liuteria d’Insieme deals with repairs of all types on plucked string instruments, guitars of all kinds, lutes and mandolins, from simple routine work up to the reconstruction of missing or damaged parts. We guarantee the highest professional assistance level, quick work, with a cost estimate free of charge and without obligation.

We also perform service work on electric guitars and basses, performing set up adjustment and refretting as well as customization work, from repainting to changing the pick ups.

Some example of works:



Conferences and events

We organize conferences, lectures and events about organology and luthery history with original audio-video material and eventually live music execution

For prices and disponibility please contact us.