Price list
Price list


All instruments are built using only extra quality tone woods and materials; the base price indicated in the pricelist refers to the instrument in its simplest and unadorned version. Decorations, optional finishes and customizations contribute to the definition of the final price.

Instruments already built available in our workshop are sold at a reduced price as opposed to a custom built instrument with the same features.

All prices are VAT excluded and ex works, packaging and shipping costs are paid by the customer.

For a detailed quote, please contact us indicating in the request all the characteristicsdesired.



Nylon strings guitar from 2.000,00
Steel strings guitar from 2.000,00


Early music

Renaissance lute
M. Sellas, H. Frei, M. Tieffenbrucher
from 1.800,00
Baroque lute
J. Tielke, J.C. Hoffmann, M. Hoffmann, C. Koch
from 2.100,00
P. Reillich, M. Dieffopruchar, M. Sellas
from 3.000,00
V. Venere, M. Sellas, G. Jumgmann, P.Reillich, M. Dieffopruchar
from 3.000,00
copy from iconographic source
from 2.000,00
Renaissance guitar
B. Dias
from 1.800,00
Baroque guitar
R. Voboam, G. Sellas, Lacote
from 2.000,00
F. Presbler, C. Fixer
from 1.800,00
Romantic guitar
G. Guadagnini, L. Panormo
from 1.800,00
Chitarra battente from 1.800,00